5 Ways Compliments Change Your Life

Who doesn’t enjoy a sincere compliment?

In life, or specifically in business, it’s rare to hear a woman genuinely compliment another woman.

Do you know what it means to a woman when another woman pays her a compliment? It rebuilds the bond between women. It shows your confidence and your compassion for others. Most of all it reassures every woman that there is a tribe behind her that has her back. Paying a compliment to another woman is not only good for them, it is great for you as well.

When you compliment someone, it could be the changing point in their whole day. Be the person that makes a difference.

Compliments shouldn’t just be about looks. Complimenting someone’s personality, work or attitude can show you really take notice of what’s important – what’s on the inside.


Here are 5 Ways Compliments Change Your Life:

Share this with your friends, coworkers and especially your daughters. Because as the saying goes, “We rise by lifting others.”

  1. Giving Compliments Shows You Are Confident – It reinforces that you are confident enough to understand that complimenting another woman will raise her higher than she was, and in turn, it will strengthen you.
  2. Giving a Compliment is a Positive Action That Has Lasting Affects – Think about a time when a woman paid you a compliment. Not about your blouse, but about your mind, your strength, your kindness… That is how you can make somebody else feel.
  3. Be a Leader – When a woman compliments another woman, she is leading the way to unity. Showing that it takes a much stronger woman to compliment another than to put one down.
  4. Choose to Be Positive – You cannot live a positive life and simultaneously tear apart another person. In order to live a positive life, you have to think, speak, and act in a positive manner. Spreading positive vibes through the form of a compliment is amazingly contagious.
  5. Compliments Create a Domino Effect – When you compliment a woman, she will feel so wonderful that she in turn will want to share that feeling with other women. She gives somebody a compliment, so on and so forth…



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